Jerusalem Cigarette Company is a public shareholding company located in the town of Bethany, in the suburbs of Jerusalem. JCC was established in 1962 and has since operated profitably. The core business of JCC has been the production and sale of cigarettes in the West Bank. Along with the tobacco industry, JCC has also acted as a major holding and investment company, with investments exceeding $70 million.


The company currently holds over 45% of the market share in the Palestinian Authority and is looking to expand into foreign markets. JCC is and has always been a vital pillar within the Palestinian economy, providing more than 200 jobs, and contributing more than $70 million to the government budget in the form of excise and income tax. JCC also funds charitable organizations and promotes social events such as renovations at hospitals, activities at local clubs and orphanages, as well as educational grants for university studies.

Jerusalem Cigarette Company is aware of the dangers of smoking and discourages everyone from smoking, especially minors. JCC adheres to the strict regulations of the EU regarding cigarette content levels as well as local health ministry instructions of warning label printing on cigarette packs.

Jerusalem Cigarette Co. Ltd.

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